Toshiba Laptops hanging on ‘Please wait screen’.

Recently, I have come across the same problem on Toshiba Laptops numerous times where they hang on the ‘please wait’ screen. Fortunately, there is a solution which involves disabling a piece of software that is pre-installed by Toshiba and shipped with the laptop.The problem is caused by a program called ‘notebook performance tune up’ which runs automatically when your laptop boots up.

Disabling this service (also other related services that will most likely be slowing the laptop) is quite a simple process that takes a few minutes to perform.

Opening msconfig Vista/Windows 7 – To begin select the ‘start button’ and in the search box at the bottom of the menu enter ‘msconfig’ and press enter.

windows 7 msconfig
Opening msconfig Windows 8 – Go to your right sidebar (The one you use to shutdown) and select search.

In the search box type ‘msconfig‘ and then press enter to get the msconfig box.


Select the start-up tab. When presented with program list – Those that are enabled and start with system will have a tick on the left hand side on those that are not set to auto start will have no tick.

msconfig startup

Toshiba Tempro

Look through the list and disable any programs that you do not want running. You are safe to disable anything marked as Toshiba (or whatever model laptop I have) in the manufacturer part but you don’t have to. You are quite safe and able to disable everything in this list and it will still boot. Because you are not deleting the programs you are just stopping them from running when you switch the machine on. You can still start the programs by clicking their icon on your desktop. Although one exception is try not to disable Security software & Antivirus software.

NOTE: If you find that you have disabled something accidentally and it has stopped something working (for example a printer) just re-enable it in start-up and reboot the laptop and you will be back to normal.

Once, everything is disabled from start up you want to prevent from starting up is complete – simply click the ‘apply’ button.

Next we want to disable the service of the program that is likely causing the slow boot on Toshiba laptops.Select the ‘services’ tab. DO NOT go through this list disabling programs as you will cause problems.

At the bottom of the screen put a tick in the box that states ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ This prevents you disabling something important and also make the whole list shorter.msconfig hide ms services

Msconfig Toshiba

Look through the list for a service called ‘notebook performance tune up’. Untick from its box and click ‘apply’ and select ‘ok’.

You will be required to restart your computer – you may notice a improvement in system start-up speed.

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