Slow Computer Or Slow Internet (how to tell)?

Slow Computer OR Slow Internet?

slow computer

I get a lot of calls about slow Internet connections and slow computers. A slow Internet connection is nearly always confused with a slow running computer and vice versa. It is easy to make a situation much worse especially as there are so many pieces of software on the Internet that claim to speed up/clean your computer to make it run faster. The majority of these programs do more harm than good and cost you money to remove once installed.

People are always concerned that their Internet connection is slow and they want to know if there is anything they can do. After 15 minutes of looking at their computer it is normally obvious that the cause of the problem is not with their Internet connection but with their actual computer itself.

Hopefully this guide will help you diagnose which is causing the problem – whether its a slow computer or slow internet connection

Slow Computer Symptoms

A slow computer is more often than not the culprit. The symptoms of a slow computer are pretty obvious… its slow but here are a few signs to look out for.

The computer takes a long time to start up. Once you are on your desktop it takes many minutes before (which is frustrating). General use such as opening your my documents or programs like MS Word is slow.

windows 7 not responding        program-not-responding
Antivirus software and firewalls can cause major problems with connections to the Internet and are often diagnosed as problems with your Internet connection. This is not always true as it could be a corrupted Internet security suite that is blocking the connection on your computer.
Unwanted Pop-ups & programs informing you of problems are normally a forms of Malware that will slow your computer. Never choose to fix issues or install software. Examples below:

unwanted popups          speed-popup
Clicking sounds from the computer can indicate a pending hard drive failure (time to get it replaced before you loose everything – your precious photos, music collection and important documents).


A slow running computer is also one of the first signs of hard drive failure.
Your Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome etc) not responding is more likely to indicate a problem with your computer than your Internet connection.

Slow Internet Symptoms

This is slightly harder to diagnose as most people assume it is their computer that is slow understandably. The easiest way to test if it is your connection is to do a speed test on the computer considered slow and a speed test on a computer that is running okay.

You can find a speed test tool Here:

It should roughly display what speeds your ISP (Internet provider) states you should be getting although this is not always the case during peak times.

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