Laptops and liquids – Seconds Count What to do?

laptop water damage repair coventry
What to do if your laptop is subjected to a water (liquid) spill. When I ask people what they would do they say reach for a absorbent cloth and try to soak up the liquid. Then shortly after their laptop cuts off never to be switched on again, this is only because the liquid has found its way onto the motherboard and short circuited.

This can be made even worse if its a fizzy drink like Coke or worse alcohol the damage doesn’t stop there, the issue with these liquids is that they will also corrode the circuit board after the initial short circuit, which makes it much more difficult to repair and normally more costly.

Sticky motherboard

Correct Procedure:

Step 1 – Remove Laptop Power source + Power down
If your laptop is connected to the mains, disconnect it. Then power down as quickly as possibly – This does not mean through the usual Operating system ‘Start’ ‘Shutdown’ sequence as this will take to long.

Step 2 – Remove the Battery

Laptop Battery – After removing the A/C power – whip out the battery for instant power off!

removing laptop batteryStep 3 – Place laptop face down
Although this may be pretty obvious as to why you should place it face down, I’m going to briefly explain the reasoning. By placing face down you are helping to stop the liquid finding its way onto the venerable motherboard, obviously this will depend on the laptop design but most are the same.

If your laptop does not extend fully like the one in the picture you could for example hang it off the edge of a flat surface (like a table top) with the keyboard face down and with a couple of books to weigh it down. Also putting your laptop somewhere warm (for example an airing cupboard will help speed up the drying process).

laptop open face down

Where appropriate laying in uncooked Rice will also help draw and soak up moisture.

Following these instructions will help to minimize damage – then take you laptop for local repair (

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