Does your Laptop need a new screen?

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Do You Need A New Laptop Screen?

Laptop Screen Repair? Or Not?
The most fragile component on a laptop is it’s display.  Below are listed problems and possible solutions to check to see if you require a new laptop screen. We can diagnose your screen issue and let you know what we find.

Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels is a term given to pixels on a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen that remain unlit or black. Each pixel on an LCD screen is made from 3 separate sub-pixels: red, green and blue. It is when these different colours are combined, they form the colours that users see on the monitor. Dead pixels are rare and largely go unnoticed but if you have just bought a new laptop or monitor then you could be entitled to a warranty replacement if you have more than 0.05% of dead pixels.

Dim Screen

Normally occurs when it has a faulty or broken backlight CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent tube) or faulty inverter. If the back light has gone then you may have noticed faded colours over a period of time or seems like the monitor has to “warm up” before it gets fully bright.  If the inverter is malfunctioning then your screen won’t light up the backlight leaving the monitor with a dim display. You may just about see a very feint image.

Cracked Screen

The LCD screen is one of the most delicate and vunerable to damage parts of a laptop – and probably the most common repair do. It can be caused by dropping it, or simply shutting the laptop with a pen left on the keyboard, flexing the screen when opening and closing (always close by holding the screen in the top centre) etc.

Cracked notebook screens are not repairable and require replacing.

Lines On Your Screen

If your LCD screen exhibits vertical or horizontal lines then this could indicate either a faulty LCD screen or faulty graphics card/chip.  To test if it is the screen or your display drivers / software is to connect your laptop to an external monitor. If the image appears ok on the external monitor then you have a faulty LCD screen which will need replacing.

Black Screen

The LCD screen does not have enough brightness or a black screen usually means you have a defective or dead backlight (CCFL) or inverter.  To test your fault is the screen and not your laptop (faulty battery, dead cpu, dead graphics cards etc) connect your laptop to an external monitor. If the image appears okay on the external display then the fault is your screen and needs investigating.  If the external monitor is also black or you dont have any activity coming from your laptop (no lights, no hard disk light flashing etc) then the problem is more likely stemming from your laptop.

Flickering Screen

Flickering can be the result of a broken cable from the internal motherboard to the inverter. This cable normally runs through the hinge and can get damaged due to twists when opening/closing the laptop.  It if it not the cable then it is likely the inverter is failing.

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